Find your local Jobcentre

Local Jobcentre OfficesIn today’s trying economic times it can be difficult to find a permanent job. As a result, people are becoming more and more resourceful. Whether it is freelancing and picking up work on the side or taking as much temporary work on as possible, it always helps to know where one can find additional jobs. Since a lot of companies do not like to have to deal with the hassle of finding staff themselves, they often have regular contracts with jobcentres in their area so it helps to know where a jobcentre office is located. This can be done by calling the Jobcentre contact number. This way, one can put one’s name down for a particular type of job and have the jobcentre give them a call instead of having to go in and physically check every day.

Where to Find Jobcentres

All of the major cities in the UK have Jobcentre Offices. This is fantastic if one lives in one of the bigger cities like London, Blackpool or Liverpool where the biggest job centre offices are located. In London there are offices at 63 Causeway and 206 Kennington Road while in Aberdeen there are job centres in Gallowgate, Ebury House and at 11 Chapel Street to give one an idea of where to go. If one is unsure about whether or not there is a job centre office in one’s area, one can easily find out. All that needs to be done is to go online ( and do a quick search and hey, presto, the answer will be there. If this is not possible, one can also make a quick phone call to the national hotline (0843 487 1844) where one of the staff members on duty will be able to direct them to the nearest job centre office.

What to Expect at your Jobcentre 

At each local job centre office there are a number of facilities and resources available that will help one on their way to career success. From voluntary work placements, to support from advisers who have been specially trained to deal with job seekers and will be able to assist with all sorts of questions. Job seekers who are serious about getting away from their current situation will know that every angle needs to be explored. Job centres make it easy for them to access a wealth of information in one place indicating the importance of job centres.