Jobcentre Contact Number – 0843 487 1844

Jobcentre Contact NumberThe JobCentre are not only there for when you need help searching for a job, they also have other functions, including the administration of some benefits and the allocation of National Insurance numbers, You may, as such need the JobCentre contact number for a variety of reasons, some are discussed below.

Finding a job

Even if you are not claiming Job Seekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance the JobCentre helpline can be a fantastic tool to help you find a new job. It doesn’t cost employers anything to advertise their vacancies with the JobCentre, so this is often the first place that they will go to find people. JobCentre agents are also fully trained in matching people to roles and in providing advice to help you with any applications that you make to employers as well as how to handle interviews. The JobCentre can also offer advice, and in some cases financial assistance to those who are looking to set up their own business. So, calling the JobCentre phone number could be the first step in finding your next big opportunity.

Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support and Incapacity Benefit

The JobCentre are responsible for the payment and administration of some benefits, so you may need to contact Jobcentre claims if you are in need of financial assistance. Perhaps, one of the most well-known benefits that the JobCentre administer is Job Seekers Allowance, a benefit paid to those who are out of work, or are working under 16 hours per week, whilst they are searching for their next opportunity. The same team also manage Income Support, a benefit paid to those with little or no earnings and Incapacity Benefit, a benefit paid to those where illness or disability prevent them from working. So, if you are struggling financially it is worth contacting the JobCentre helpline, to find out if you are eligible for any of these benefits and if such, how to start a claim.

Maternity Allowance

A little known benefit administered by the JobCentre is Maternity Allowance, This is an allowance paid to new mothers for 39 weeks after the birth of their baby, so long as they do not return back to work. This benefit is intended as a replacement to Statutory Maternity Pay, which some women may not be entitled to through their employer. For further information on this benefit, contact JobCentre claims.

Jobcentre Contact NumberSocial Fund

The JobCentre also manage the Social Fund. This means that if you have essential items to pay for, such as rent, clothes or essential household items but are struggling to cover the costs, the JobCentre may be able to help through a Budgeting Loan. Use the JobCentre contact number to speak to someone from the Budgeting Loan team to find out if you are eligible.

National Insurance Numbers

National Insurance numbers are managed by the JobCentre, so if you have never had one and need to apply for one, or if you have lost yours then call the JobCentre phone number and ask to speak to the National Insurance Registrations team.